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Stay Fit while being Qurantined

With a lot more downtime on our hands, many of us may want to use our time holistically, that is, to focus on our mind, productivity and body. Devoting at least some time during our week towards health, fitness and working out, has the added benefit of boosting our immunity and ensuring the sedentary lifestyle we are confined to does not impact us negatively. Movement and exercise during quarantine, are important in ensuring that our body is in balance. Exercise also stimulates the production of hormones such as endorphins, which are integral in keeping us in good mental health. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, here is a compiled list of resources to explore how to stay active...

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Upgrade your Skills while having a steaming hot cup of chai to keep company

With the quarantine and social distancing upon us, many companies and organizations are now following the WFH model of employment. With a lot more time on our hands, honing your skills can be an effective tool to broaden your horizons in your career and professional life.  Skill development is a good option for anyone, whether it be an employee trying to explore and expand their profile or just someone trying to learn and develop a new skill. With many online platforms offering free e-courses, skill development can be a budget-friendly way for you to improve and strengthen your prospects post-quarantine.  If you are looking to productively use your free time, then here are some educational and training resources you may...

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