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Spice Secrets - Chilli Lime Pickle (Pack of 10 - 50 g each)

Spice Secrets - Chilli Lime Pickle (Pack of 10 - 50 g each)

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Remember your Grandma grinding the ingredients on the stone grinder and your Mother listening to her intently? That's how recipes were passed down.

And while the stone grinders may have all but disappeared from the kitchens, the secret recipes are still intact in ours. Every lick and every dip of our pickles and chutneys is a trip down memory lane.


**pack of 10 sachets bundled together**

Tangy, plump lemons mixed with crisp, green chillies pickled with select spices combine to make this mouth watering pickle. The spicy lemony taste adds a punch to anything you team it with.


Spice Secrets is a brand powered by Society Tea a name that stands for high quality products.